Pita Ten (DVD) batch


Final batch!

No more changes unless something major is reported.
Episode 25 got a v3 due to a typo, get the patch if you already downloaded that episode.
NCOP and NCED included with lyrics (though no kanji since that was hard-subbed into the originals).

Episode 25 patch [DDL]

Full batch torrent: [Wagasubs] Pita Ten [DVD 704x480 Hi10P AC3]

Pita Ten 14-26 (DVD)


And here it is!
The final half of Pita Ten.

Although episodes 14-17 were released earlier, they are now v2’d, since I’ve changed the font styling.
Patches will come later for episodes 1-13.

Let me know of any errors if you spot them.
Then I’ll release a full batch torrent in a month or so.

Update: Patches for 1-13 here
Patches for 14-17 here

Download: [Torrent]
Episode 14 [DDL]
Episode 15 [DDL]
Episode 16 [DDL]
Episode 17 [DDL]
Episode 18 [DDL]
Episode 19 [DDL]
Episode 20 [DDL]
Episode 21 [DDL]
Episode 22 [DDL]
Episode 23 [DDL]
Episode 24 [DDL]
Episode 25 [DDL]
Episode 26 [DDL]

Pita Ten update… at long last!


Hello everybody!

A little spare time has finally come my way and I have done some work on Pita Ten.

No downloads yet, but know that all episodes are now timed, and all that’s left is final checks and revision of episodes 19-24.

More soon, I hope :-)

Pita Ten – DDL links updated

All DDL links for Pita Ten are now updated/re-uploaded.

I hope to finish Pita Ten within reasonable time, after a long summer break :)

Pita Ten 14-17 (DVD)

Aahhh… Timing. Faster and more rewarding than transcribing.

Anyway, 4 freshly made episodes.

DDL only. I intend to finish soon and gather all remaining episodes in a single torrent, like I did with the first 13 episodes.


Episode 14: [DDL]

Episode 15: [DDL]

Episode 16: [DDL]

Episode 17: [DDL]


I’m done transcribing all episodes of Pita Ten.
Now I just have to time and QC the remaining 13 episodes…

Pita Ten 1-13 (DVD)

Half-way there!

Old torrents are deleted, and episodes 1-13 gathered in a half-way semi-batch (semi because no final corrections have been made).
If you already have the previous episodes, just deselect them when adding the new torrent to your torrent client.
And note that I still can’t seed full time.

If you spot any errors, please let me know so I can v2 them in the final batch.
I found a typo myself in the romaji of the OP karaoke, which has been corrected from episode 9 (keikan -> keiken)

Download: [Torrent]
Episode 1 [DDL]
Episode 2 [DDL]
Episode 3 [DDL]
Episode 4 [DDL]
Episode 5 [DDL]
Episode 6 [DDL]
Episode 7 [DDL]
Episode 8 [DDL]
Episode 9 [DDL]
Episode 10 [DDL]
Episode 11 [DDL]
Episode 12 [DDL]
Episode 13 [DDL]

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